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A Glass Journey

 Expressions of Nature Through Glass 

Doroni is a self-taught glass artist living on Vancouver Island.

Raised in Montreal, Quebec, Doroni has an eclectic background in the arts, having trained in dance and arts. She began studies in fine arts in Montreal, but ultimately ended up following different career paths, first in math and then transitioning into psychology and counselling, where she worked with children and families in crisis.

Throughout her professional career she often went back to painting and mixed media work, but it is only recently that she decided to devote herself to working in art full-time. Coming from an urban environment, she became totally captivated by the rich, lush island landscape of the west coast. About 7 years ago, a trip to an art gallery in Hawaii changed her entire perspective and a new journey in glass exploration began. Her strong background in math and sciences worked well to transition into the sometimes complex world of glass art.

Translating the vibrancy, fragility and beauty of the natural world into glass art has become a passion for her -  with inspiration coming from the motion and energy reflected in the forests, ocean, rivers and foliage around us.

“Glass is such a perfect medium for this - it is translucent, opalescent, flowing and fragile…like nature itself.  A glimpse of a plant, tree or water moving in the breeze and caught in the sunlight, creates a vision that stays with me and I begin to imagine how I can capture that moment in glass.”

Over the years, she has worked in many mediums including acrylics, watercolour, oils and sculpture and many of her works are in private collections.

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